The 7.5 FK is a completely new proprietary cartridge caliber. The case is 27 mm long with a total length of 35 mm, and a head diameter of 10.8 mm. This caliber is not a necked-down version of any other caliber. The case is designed to withstand higher pressures than usually used in pistol calibers.

This cartridge will not fit in any other manufacturer's magazine, nor will it function in any other current production model pistol.

Muzzle velocity: 610 m/s
Velocity at 100 m: 465 m/s
Muzzle energy: 1200 J
Energy at 100 m: 2.866 pounds
Bullets weights: 6.35 - 6.67 g


The 7.5 FK is C.I.P (Permanent International Commission) registered and approved. It is a proprietary cartridge caliber, with intellectual property rights claimed and registered by FK BRNO.

The main use of the caliber is for long-range pistol target sports and/or small and medium game hunting.

It comes in three types of bullets: Spoon Tip, Hollow-Point Banded Frangible Nose, and Hollow-Point Frangible Nose. All are monolithic and made from copper and copper alloys.


Although the basic case design and the concept of the cartridge was finalized in 2011, more than 250,000 rounds were fired with at least 15 different case design variations and over 30 different bullet designs were tested over a four-year period before the final cartridge design form was approved for production.


The 7.5 FK was initially developed to fulfill a requirement for a new cartridge, by a private customer in 2010. That requirement was addressing the shortfall of handheld and shorter/smaller firearms that were used in their relevant theater of action, and bridged the gap between standard/popular pistol caliber and rifle calibers.

This requirement was subsequently canceled; however, the initial tests showed a very high accuracy potential which prompted the developers to continue with the cartridge as a target and long-range pistol competition round.

The main design parameters were as follows:

  • Cartridge must be short and small enough to be used comfortably in magazine fed/in-grip magazine, size of firearm.
  • Ballistics must be designed for a max barrel length of 150 mm, and projectile must be supersonic at 150 meters.
  • Recoil force should not exceed power factor 230 [ .45 ACP +P ]
  • Accuracy/ precision at 100 meters must be less than 100x100 mm rectangle.
  • Projectile permanent wound cavity in ballistic gel at 150 meters must be minimum 35 mm diameter and 300 mm in length.